Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kick off

Welcome stranger,

at this irrelevant, tiny point of the Internet's universe. At this place I'm going to start to jabber over my daily desperation in the maze of software development. I'm currently pottering with product development and have some years of experiment in this field.

At my company we are suffering under an over managed over controlled, vast and incalculable development process, with some sick project/organizational hierarchy, that merely blocks the chaps pretty much. At this point I might exaggerate a bit, however you can judge it for yourself by following my blog.

I'm really interested onSCRUM and agile development methods, and unfortunately I can tell a lot about how NOT to do it. :(

I hope that with stories of mine I can keep you away of doing the same mistake, and may be some of you can give some clue on how to make it right/better. ;)

On the other hand I'm gonna post some design considerations, and technical questions that are worth of thinking on. And of corse some anti-paterns, to see how we should write code if we would like to became a manager. :)

As you might already recognized, I'm not a native english speaker, however I think my literarily underdeveloped, or I could simply say BAD english will still suffice for this task.

So I'll cut this boring, useless piece of byte-flow now


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